Belkin Universal Home Charger with Micro USB Charge Sync Cable
Charge your Micro USB enabled device at exceptional speeds with the Belkin Universal Home Charger with Micro USB Charge Sync Cable. This versatile charger features a powered USB port that can be used with any USB-A charging cable. It comes with a 4-foot Micro USB to USB cable that allows you to charge and sync a wide range of tablets, smartphones, and other devices. And thanks to its ultra-compact design, this charger is an ideal charging solution for commuters and travelers.
 USB Port :
The charger's powered USB 2.0 port is universal, allowing you to pair it with any USB charging cable. As long as you have the corresponding cable, you can use the charger with your phones, Mp3 players, and more.
10 Watts of Power for Fast Charging The Belkin Home Charger offers 10 watts (2.1 amps) of power, enabling it to charge your device quickly.
Detachable Cable Offers Versatility:
The included Micro USB to USB cable can be disconnected from the charger base to be used separately as a replacement cable for syncing with a computer. Measuring 4 feet in length, the cable provides substantial reach while being compact enough to toss in a bag.
1 x Belkin Home Charger
1 x Belkin Micro USB to USB Charge