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Bike Motorcycle Round USB Waterproof Mobile Charger Bike Mobile Charger

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  • Mobile holder and charger is a reasonably priced two in one gadget that is evidently a must have for all the bike rides as it not only charges your phone but also takes a good care of it when it does that.
  • Highest quality plastic used in the manufacturing of this product gives it robustness required to make it durable and user friendly.
  • This product is features a carefully designed framework and 4 plastic arms for holding the mobile phone tightly without causing any scratches or dents on its surface.
  • The orientation of the phone mounted on the holder can also be adjusted as the mount features a rotating know below it that can be rotated in 360 degrees.
  • As the product is especially designed for motorcycles, it has been made waterproof to make it usable even in rains and high humidity climate.
  • The condition of Indian roads is known to everyone. So, the holder has been made shockproof to yield adaptability to Indian roads.
  • Talking of the USB charging feature, the integrated circuits have been designed to prevent short circuits harming the phone and relaying maximum electrical energy for faster charging.
  • The installation of the mobile holder onto the handlebar is very easy as it consists if an adjustable plastic clamp embedded into the rotatable mechanism that requires fastening of a single screw.
  • The wiring has also been kept simple and can be easily understood by a person who has even the slightest knowledge of the circuits.