Extension Cable

High Speed USB Male To Female Extension USB Cable

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  •  USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Extension Extender Cable. USB ports on your computer, TV, external hard drive, and other devices can be hard to reach.
  • This extension cable brings the port to you. When the USB cable you're using to connect two devices together is just too short, this extension cable gives you the length you need.
  • It works great for connecting flash drives and flip-out USB drives you see on some camcorders.
  • The USB port has been specially designed for full-duplex data transmission. So, if you truly wish to take your computing experience to a new level altogether, then this useful device is a must have for you.
  • From high quality connection rate to the capacity to control the electro-magnetic interference, this USB device is the ultimate solution that will let you enjoy maximum speed with absolute perfection from the very moment you welcome it to your world.