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Matte Screen Protector For Samaung Note N8000

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Incomparable Clarity: Screen guard is highly transparent to preserve the high resolution and vivid colors of your LCD display.

Silicone adhesive coating: Glue-free, silicone coated screen guard leaves no residue when you remove it from your LCD display.

Anti-scratch & Durable: Under normal daily usage. Screen guard could last for a long period of time without affecting its smoothness and transparency because of the stiffness of the screen protector material.

UV protection: Screen guard  reduces the strain of your eyes by blocking 99% of the UV emitted from your LCD display.

Washable & reusable: Wash screen guard with water to remove strong dirt. Dry thoroughly before reap plying it to the LCD screen.

Smoothness: Screen guard is bubble-free when it is applied. Its glossy finish highly simulates the texture of the origin