Vivo new micro 2.0 USB cable is perfectly fit for All Vivo Mobile Handset Phones Like X20 Plus, X20, V7+, Y69, Y53, X9s Plus, X9s, V5s, Y25, Y55s, V5 Lite, V5 Plus, Y67, Xplay6, X9 Plus, X9, V5, X7 Plus, X7, V3 Max, V3, X6S Plus, X6S, Xplay5 Elite, Xplay5, Y51, X6, X6Plus, V1, Y15S, V1 Max, Y31, Y35, Y37, X5Max Platinum Edition, X5Pro, 5Max+, X5Max, Y11, X5, Xplay3S, Xshot, X3S, Y28, Y27, Y22, Y15. Charge your phone conveniently through USB port of computer or wall charger. Supports both Data Sync and Charging functions. The quality is long lasting and build is smooth which makes it look premium